Curious Towns And Villages To Include In Your Must-See List

When you feel like you are fed up with regular trips to the family country house, probably, you are on the threshold of making a difference: choose another locality to replenish your emotional background, and it should rather be something special – similar to the places below.

Portugal: Monsanto village

The most Portuguese village of Portugal, almost free from public vehicles, Monsanto is an untouched settlement undergoing no construction changes as secured by the government protection. Thus, the granite cottages brought together tight by giant stones, most being integral to the cottages alone, demonstrate the true architectural heritage of the historical Portugal. Tiny streets are carved in the rocks ascending a headlong hill known as Monc Sanctus, or Sacred Mountain (800 meters high). The remnants of the ancient castle typical of all the old European settlements are still there at the top of the hill, with the adjacent area to be used for various cultural feasts. The Gruta cave with a drinking water spring inside will never let you die of thirst.

Namibia: Kolmanskop the ghost town

Mid Namib Desert, Southwestern Africa, you will find a scary kind-of-town called Kolmanskop. Once suffering the diamond fever similar to that in Kimberly, this town used to be promised great developments. Those forecasts were predetermined by the diamonds once found straight on the sand in the heart of the desert, which fact led off the construction of a truly rich town, with impressive houses and well-developed infrastructure. Unfortunately, the story never got its happy end: the seemingly omnipresent diamonds ran out as quickly as appeared. With no water, poor soils and horrible climate, Kolmanskop was rapidly abandoned, and in ten years since its foundation, it turned into a ghost town. Nowadays, it`s quite a daunting scene of houses wrapped with sand, deep in silence. The tourists ever visiting the place keep the overwhelming picture in their memory for long.

Italy: Tuscany province

Tuscany is rightfully the most famous Italian region: its unique landscapes impress with their colors, and over 60% cultural heritage to be concentrated in here, Tuscany acquires a still bigger value in the all-Italian terms. Since long ago, Tuscany used to be a favorite place to relax for many famous men of art getting inspired by the surrounding. The two thirds of the region are the countryside, which hills and valleys home charming cottages, from tiny to huge, fully compliant with the ancient building traditions. There`s no preferred season, because the province is attractive all year round having a lot to offer to your eyes and stomach – after all, the Tuscan wines and cheeses, along with prosciutto the ham and home-made Italian bread, will definitely touch your deepest feelings.

The abundant vales, settlements and localities residing on the globe`s map can really deliver a wake-up call to your mind, each having its own identities to broaden your horizons. Get into a tradition of changing the destinations of your getaways every time you plan your trip, and you will enrich your world perception background.

About the author: Ann Aldrich, an independent travel industry analyst, writes occasional articles based on her reviews aimed to share the essentials of travel pursuits. Ann travels a lot making close contacts with the residents, to enrich her information sources with authentic data. Ann likes bicycle trips and often participates in group outings.

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