Holland Is A Country Of Future: Seven Evidences Of This Fact.

Holland is famous for its ambitious projects which make the whole world stop dead in admiration. This country is an example to follow at least as to speak about the following records of achievement.

1. It is the only entity on earth where there aren’t homeless animals.
Recently, it was formally proved that in Holland there aren’t homeless cats and dogs. The authority of the country has given animals their own rights and people who deal cruelly with animals and leave them are seriously punished.

2. Holland is the first country where cycle lanes and highways with solar batteries have appeared. Project was named Solar Road and it appeared as result of mutual efforts of authority, private industry and universities. It is a huge break in road building of future.

3. Each 50 meters charging stations are situated.
One of the most powerful sides of Holland is stable mobility. Due to this reason, the authority of the country has made electric stations which are indispensable for locals who use cars of new generation.

4. There is a city in Holland where nobody use cars.
Houten is a city in Holland which was recognized as the safest place in the world.
In early 1980, lots of the residents of the city decided to use cycling transport and stimulate other residents to do this. Casually almost all locals have begun to ride bicycles more and more often.

5. The authority is imposing systematic ban on using fuel cars.
In several years the authority of Holland is planning to ban completely cars on diesel and gasoline engines. Besides, in Netherlands vehicles on alternative sources of fuel have become cheaper because of abolishing the tax on them.

6. A lot of prisons are closed due to absence of prisoners.
In Holland work due to decreases in crime is in progress. It brings country successful results. Since 2009 lots of prisons were closed.

7. In Holland there are wildlife crossings – specials bridges for animals which live in forests.
One more task of prime importance of the authority is protection of wild animals.
There were built special bridges for wild animals. Due to this they can safely cross automobile ways without danger to their life. Animals move from one part of the forest to another one across these bridges.

About the author:  Ann Aldrich is a freelanced writer, rewriter and translator. She is an owner of tourist company. Rebecca has visited already lots of wonderful corners of the world and knows many interesting things about travelling.

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