Real Heaven is on Earth. Klevan, Ukraine.

Perhaps one of the most amazing places located near Klevan village of Rivnenska oblast, which mysterious name is “Tunnel of Love”. It is a paradise not only for lovers but also for people who cannot imagine their lives without traveling. Klevan village got Ukrainian and international fame very suddenly thanks to the extraordinary section of the railway, surrounded by trees.

Villagers called the Tunnel of Love forest phenomenon, because it was created by nature among the forest, where the railroad tracks stretch. Tightly interwoven branches formed like a wall of the tunnel. The trees are arranged so as hang over the train, which cuts through the air from time to time, protecting it from the outside world. The tunnel stretches for around 4 km.
There are many legends and beliefs in which people strongly believe. Romeo and Juliet, whose love story, perhaps, is known to every inhabitant of our planet, lived there long time ago. The monument of Ukrainian culture has arisen on the place of their tragic death. Couples, coming to admire the beauty of nature, plant flower sprouts that symbolize their love.

Another belief is that the love of lovers will get stronger if they are standing in the middle of the tunnel, make the same wish and fix it with a kiss at the time when train is passing there.
Others believe that the reason for the appearance of this famous tunnel was the love between a Polish engineer and ordinary, unremarkable girl from Klevan. This love story happened when the railway was only in the plans. The girl went to the Orthodox Church, but fell in love with a Polish Catholic, and revolted her parents by that. They were strongly opposed to their relationships. The guy came to the secret meetings to his beloved on the bike.
But suddenly the fate tossed him a chance to create a direct route between the two villages. And he, not wasting a minute, took the hard work. Track road was very smooth and straight, it looked like green tunnel in the woods. Lovers learned Morse code in order to communicate at a distance, and using torches secretly sent out messages to each other every evening.

Tunnel of love is not only a great place for a romantic trip, but also for rest, reflection and creative people who find inspiration. It is perfect place for photo shoots, as well as for connoisseurs of real beauty. This corner of nature is worth to be visited not only in the summer, but in all seasons.

If Ukraine had its official list of wonders, we can say with certainty that Klevan’s Tunnel of Love would be enrolled in the list.

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