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Strong Reasons Not to Travel

So, you finally have a vacation in a few weeks, and you are already anticipating the voyage you will take. What is it going to be? Africa? Europe? At least your family in the country? Have you considered not going anywhere? It is still an option, although many people can’t even imagine staying at home on their days off. Take a minute to think about it. Here are a few reasons from resume writing service why you could reconsider and just stay where you are.

1. Travelling is still quite hard on your body
No matter how far you go, driving for a couple of hours straight or flying at a magnificent altitude does have an impact on your organism, and this impact is not plain fatigue. You have to adapt when you go on a trip and when you come back. Do you think your body likes it?
2. Hotels are not as clean as they appear
Even if you prefer to stay in expensive hotels, housekeepers most likely don’t really care. I am not talking about extreme cases. No one will rinse your tooth brush in the toilet, but it doesn’t mean they won’t wipe the toilet and the sink with the same cloth. The point is to make the room seem clean, rather than to make it actually clean.
3. They don’t know your sleeping habits
Having a good night sleep is one of the essential conditions to stay healthy. You might sleep as a baby in the hotel, but in many cases the pillow is too flat, the room is too stuffy and the blanket is too hot. You are not used to this place, and your body is having troubles with falling asleep. You can’t take your favorite teddy bear, and no one can replace him. (Just kidding. Still it is more comfortable to sleep at home, isn’t it?)
4. Food differences
Most Japanese people traveling abroad do not go to Japanese restaurants. Want to know why? Definitely not because they don’t like sushi. The reason is that no restaurant is as good as restaurants back in Japan. If you are open for adventure, go ahead and try local specialties. However, if you are used to eating certain food regularly, you might have big troubles finding it where you are travelling.
If these seem minor inconveniences to you, travelling might be your vacations choice. However, there are many people who value their comfort and daily routine too much to change it. For those travelling is more of an ordeal than a pleasure. Find out which type you belong to before going on that long-awaited world cruise.

Whether you’re a newbie traveller looking for help or a backpacking veteran with words of wisdom to share, our community is waiting for you.

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