Top Secrets Of Enjoyable Vacation On The Greek Islands

You sweat guts out throughout a year but eventually become a lazybones as you find yourself on vacation? Then, head for the Greek islands, where the very landscapes motivate your idle pastime, the Mediterranean Sea provokes your smooth contemplations, the local meals tease your stomach, the hotels greet with comfort, and the indigenous friendliness makes you feel at home. Find out below what else is waiting for you at the warm insular seaside.

Always tourist-friendly weather

There is no gloomy weather in Greece, and the Greek sun is warm almost all year round. As such, your lazy bones will always be welcomed warmly. Rains are very rare, not to speak of the ever-missing snow. If you like it hot, choose the period from July to August being the hottest. However, note they are like this in terms of occupancy and bills as well: be ready to pay double, since everything is twice as costly, and elbow your vacation through crowds of other tourists under the scorching sun. Of course, you will easily avoid such a picture if plan well in advance and choose some cozy family hotel lost somewhere in a quiet authentic district.

A light-breeze period from March to May is kept by Greece for those enthusiastic about long walks. In fact, as the sea is not warm enough yet, you can devote all your time to sightseeing tours or hiking about the local mountains. Certainly, this period is far less occupied, with the prices stabilized.

Still, not to drop a thing, you are recommended to try both vacation scenarios and enjoy the two sides of the coin.

Unique Hellenic tavernas and coffee houses

Tavernas are the genuine Greek cuisine cafes of a family type where you can taste various insular meals such as a yoghurt-like ‘sitaka’, thick goat-milk sour cream ‘drilla’, seafood variations and, of course, many local desserts. And what else but a cup of delicious coffee can complement your intricate dessert? Imagine that, similar to Turkey or Egypt, Greece also has its coffee specialty – and here, it`s a magic foam. In fact, the thicker the foam topping your coffee, the bigger the owner`s respect to you as a guest. So, when in a taverna or coffee house, pay attention to your coffee, and you will see if they liked you.

It cannot but be mentioned that many Greek hotels (especially large ones) offer the services fully covering your food and accommodation (the ‘all-inclusive’ hotel scheme). However, the experienced travelers discourage from such pricy services as to be ineffective: after all, it`s always more delightful to have a snack somewhere in a local taverna overlooking the sea than eat in a hotel next to the pool. Nevertheless, whatever your choice, the critical thing you should bring with you is your high spirits.

About the Author: Ann Aldrich, an experienced travel writer making her short publications for several industry-specific websites. Ann has a Master`s in Linguistics, and now she is under a distance learning course related to her journalist`s studies. Ann`s hobbies are all involved with her job: she likes traveling and getting acquainted with new cultures. In future, she anticipates producing a shared travel project on the radio.

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