Traveling to Nepal

If you choose to travel such a distinctive and extraordinary country like Nepal, this fascinating trip will begin from Kathmandu. You can get to Kathmandu from anywhere in the world. There are no direct flights from the most distant countries; therefore, you have to fly with a change in Sharjah, Delhi, Dubai, Doha and other cities, depending from what country you travel.

It’s very easy to be accommodated in Kathmandu – go to the tourist district of Thamel, where guest houses and hotels, costing from $ 3 to $ 30 per day per room, are at your disposal on each step.

It’s advisable to start the initial tour of the wonders of Kathmandu from Durbar Square. Just go on the narrow streets of Thamel, which are full of shops with all sorts of very interesting little things, towards the Place Royale.

Entrance fee
A little trick of experienced travelers: you can walk through the area for free in the early morning, and about 12 o’clock some people come and charge an fee of 700 NRs for entrance without giving in return any documents. It is semi-legal collection, so if you are an economical tourist, you can avoid paying an entrance fee, making up a story like you are going to the bank or somewhere else and can’t get around the square.

Places of interest
Moving on the area toward the business center, you will see all the most interesting: a stupa, a temple of black feces, the royal palace and a temple in which the girl goddess (Kumari) lives, if you are attentive, you will not miss anything. All are very interesting, unusual, impressive and informative! Because it is close to Thamel, you can visit your favorite places again and again.

There are many Nepalese, Tibetans who come here to perform the rites, the meaning of which is not clear, but for some reason there is a belief in their effectiveness. You also can buy for $ 1 a cane plate with flowers, rice and other items that have symbolic value, queue and make an offering to some deity. 

Such cities as Bhaktapur and Patan are in close vicinity. They are the former capitals of previously existed on the territory of modern Kathmandu principalities. Patan is a very tiny place, interesting royal area, but it is very similar to the area in Kathmandu, only much smaller.

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