Where is the Best Place for Single Women to Travel

Most women are afraid to travel alone. And they are right –  it can be really dangerous to travel alone for a woman. There are lots of stories about troubles women encounter when they are alone on vacation and  the most dangerous are physical assaults. Actually, that is what makes traveling alone dangerous both for women and men. Thieves also attack single travelers mostly. They can rob you on the street or even in the hotel room without any witnesses. But still, there are more unsafe places on Earth for women than for men. These places can become a nightmare for single woman traveler. You should consider all the elements of your trip before making the decision to go somewhere alone. Try to travel during the daytime, because night walks are dangerous.

But not every place is so dangerous. There are also some nice and safe cities for everyone, and any single woman can feel free and safe there. But still, you should know the customs of the place you are going to. This list was based on statistics about crimes against women and women’s rights in each country.

Setubal, Portugal
If you want to have a vacation alone, you should go to Setubal. Portugal is a very popular tourist destination, and Setubal makes for a really private and relaxing trip. It is really small and cozy city with eight hundred people there. Interesting walks, beaches, and fresh seafood will make your vacation just unforgettable.

Auckland, New Zealand
It is the largest city in this country. But at the same time it is very quiet and small. There are just a little bit more than one million people. There are lots of rich and beautiful yachts, and it is also known as the city of sails. You can lie on the beach or walk around to see the beautiful architecture. Besides that, there are some cool thermal springs for you to relax in.

Ottawa, Canada
It is another capital city in our list. It is not the largest city in Canada, but one of the safest. It is in Ontario, and you will hear two languages at the same time – French and English. Here you will find one of the oldest markets in Canada.

Helsinki, Finland
It is another one large and capital city in our list. It is the capital of Finland with over one million citizens. Helsinki has a really beautiful architecture in the Art Nouveau style and it was the 2012 World Design Capital. There are numerous interesting places there like galleries, museums, and stores.

Copenhagen, Denmark
It is the largest city in Denmark, but still safe and nice to go there alone. It is the capital of Denmark and really busy. The architecture is really beautiful along with shopping spots.

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