TOP 5 Tips on How to Avoid Overpacking

Yes, sometimes we all have been there. You’re at the ticket counter looking forward to the great holidays ahead and then you hear those terrible words: “Your luggage is overweight!” In fact, we’ve all packed a little bit too much for the trip (Five pairs of jeans? Seriously?). Perhaps, you feel a sudden desire to wear that new stylish shoes you got on sale? You want to take this old lovely dress with you just in case? Besides your iPhone, you also packed a laptop and iPad to stay in the swim of things and never miss the point. But you are on vacation!

Overpacking can be a serious trouble for your holidays. For example, it makes needed things hard to find. Moreover, in case of overpacking you have to lug your heavyweight baggage around, and likely, you won’t use even the half of it. For your next journey, we challenge you to use these tips to pack a little bit lighter.

• Limit cosmetics and toiletries
Supporting your skincare and making habitual makeup routine during voyage can motivate you to bring a lot of different bottles and products with you. At the same time, you can continue successfully caring about your appearance and save yourself from the overpacking. Firstly, try this easy trick: apply multi-use products like dual lip and cheek stain or tinted moisturizer with SPF. For shampoo or face cleansers, use travel-sized containers that you can find almost in every supermarket or order online. Medicines can be portioned in a pill case or zip-lock bag to save more space in your suitcase. The main key to success is to take only necessities: everyday skin care and makeup items in little portions.

• Use a carry-on only
If you a heavy over-packer, it can sound scary to you. But, the primary step to start packing light is limiting the size of your bag. Going for a ten days trip? We swear the carry-on is all you need for your successful packing strategy. Whether you choose a small rolling suitcase or backpack, be sure that you can lift if for a long time, and carry efficiently to your destination city. So, look for something well-constructed and lightweight.

• Pack versatile clothing
Making the right decision on clothing to pack is what typically takes a lot of time and consideration. The greatest way to looking amazing without packing entire wardrobe is to follow one color palette when choosing clothes that can be worn in different combinations and more than once. Have a light casual sweater that looks over a dress as well as with jeans? Don’t hesitate, pack it!

• Avoid last minute packing
The worst thing you can do when trying to pack light is to leave all to last minute. Please, make every effort to avoid that! Give yourself a day or two in advance to pack, set aside an hour to think about items, you’re going to take, and make a list of what you’ll really need.

• Use packing cubes
It’s an amazing lifebuoy that saves you in packing process. Packing cubes can completely change the look of your suitcase, and it’ll never be like a chaotic mess of cosmetic, clothes, chargers, etc.

Bon voyage!

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