A Backpacker’s Lost Inhibitions

Now I’m sure it’s not only me who thinks this, so I am going to throw it out there. Is the backpacker more likely to engage in a one night stand while travelling then they would be when at home? 

In a foreign place with new people it is only natural to want to be social, to get to know the locals, other travellers, whatever. This often consists of a night out on the town or in the local backpackers bar. I have often rocked up to a new place completely alone, and within a few hours, I’m laughing and sharing jokes with similar people somewhere. I love the feeling of finding common ground with strangers. The medium of a bar/restaurant or common social space is essential. Luckily most of the hostels I’ve stayed at have had some pretty cool ones – in fact it’s what I look out for now. 

It is amazing how fast the traveler can connect with another person living a life on the road. People who find themselves in a similar situation almost always find a point of reference within a conversation and quickly familiarize themselves with this feeling of mutual stability, especially if they are from the same country or have been to the same places.  It is a chance for one to feel a sense of comfort in a generally foreign and sometimes intimidating atmosphere. Add cheap alcohol, some jokes, a little touching here and there, and before you know it all inhibition is thrown out the window and my mind turns to the physical aspect of natural human longing, I am now looking for the best place to get laid.

–        There is no tight knit community of friends or family breathing down my back, watching and judging my every move.

–        I may be highly attracted to a certain nationality, someone foreign and different from whom I am used to being with.

–        There are no strings attached.

–        It is all about the pickup game, flirting and feeding off one another’s mutual attraction.

–        Passion in paradise (for lack of better phrase). Sounds like the title of a bad erotic novella.

–        A short love affair in a foreign country is many a person’s fantasy and one I wish to experience.

I think you get the idea.

Now, does it feel morally wrong to engage in a one night stand? I guess it depends on the person. I think that most people with sober inhibitions intact would not sleep with someone they had just met, say seven hours earlier. I’m not implying that a drunken person would, however the chances of sleeping with someone you just met do increase dramatically with the onset of alcohol consumption.

So I guess my closing question is simply, what do you think? Can you offer any support to my idea, or do you feel differently maybe? 

(I really hope mum and dad don’t read this, but y’know hyperthetically speaking and all that)

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