A Wrong Week in Paris With My Bro

So I’m back in Paris, just for a week to stay with my brother who’s studying French here. He’s been showing me around all the usual tourist spots, and some pretty crazy / weird places too. So the past two nights we’ve had some insane nights out that I definitely won’t be telling our mum about.

We went to Pigalle Place and found it provided us with all the dirty diversions you could imagine.

Pigalle, Paris’ red-light district, is home to some of Paris’ most famous cabarets, peep shows, strip clubs, sex shops and more; a wide range of X-rated activities that make it a popular attraction among the people visiting the apartments in Paris.

Located at the foot of the hill of Montmartre, the district of Pigalle is known all over the world for the French can-can of its famous cabaret: the Moulin Rouge. Although the entrance to a show goes from about 150 to 200€ it stays popular thanks to the film. We didn’t really want to pay that much but just hanging around as the people pile out was all part of the fun. Because apart from the Moulin Rouge, the district is also lined with nightclubs, sex shops and strip clubs. Be rude not to check them out really. 

Sidewalk hawkers let you in advertising a minimum charge of about 10€ that in the end it will turn into an incredibly pricey bill of more than 200€. So make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for before you commit. 

A visit to Pigalle can be a bit dangerous at night if you don’t know the place, so it’s always better to come by during the afternoon hours for a quieter look or return at night for a particular show. If you still feel a bit shy about adventuring into this neighbourhood alone, you have to know there are several tour groups that will guide you. You can ask for more information about “adults-only” tours at the tourist office.

Apart from night clubs, this area of Paris also has cultural attractions, also related to sex, and for sure, not as dangerous. The Musée de l’Erotisme is a serious sex museum loaded with photos, paintings and artefacts that trace the history of sex around the word. Their permanent exhibitions are Sacred Art, Contemporary Art, Brothel and Popular Art with a wide variety of temporary exhibitions. You will find the Musée de l’Érotisme at 72, Boulevard de Clichy. The museum is open daily from 10am until 2am, so you have plenty of time to discover it.

See, loads more to see in Paris than just the Eiffel Tower! 

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