Day One: Paris

Paris is absolutely beautiful! I’m thinking I want to just forget everything and come live here forever.

This morning was a painfully early one – the alarm went off at 5am. Ouch. After bag weighing, I boarded the coach from London and headed off for Paris.

The bus ride was mainly uneventful. I chatted to some people and listened to my music. We soon arrived at the famous White Cliffs of Dover to cross over to France by ferry. Despite a vague seasick feeling, the ferry itself wasn’t too exciting… the food aboard cost a fortune. I did get a nice view from the top deck though.

I’ve been practising my French. Merci, s’il vous plait, cinq, dix, vingt, parlez-vous anglais?… and the like.

We soon arrived in Paris and I found my hostel. It’s a bit of a dump, but maybe this is what hostels are like? I grabbed a sandwich from the monoprix and went to find some adventure. 

I found a tour bus company and gave that a go. It was absolutely incredible. Every building is a work of art. Every stoplight offers a view. Every cobblestone has history. Kristy, the tour lady on the bussounded a little funny naming some of the sites in French in her Aussie accent, but it was great seeing the sites, at least for a glimpse. I got photo out at the Eiffel Tower, which was incredible!

There’s so much I want to see and do here, might have to see about extending the trip. I saw the Champs-Elysées, the Opera House, the Louvre… it’s hard to remember it all cause it went by so fast. Can’t wait to go and explore it by myself. 

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