I Drank Way too Many Buckets

I had a crazy night at the Full Moon Party. I”m still a bit traumatised but I want to tell you about it. 

My eyes slowly creaked open under a deep sleep’s crust. The world was still a blur. I had no idea where or even what I was. Conscious thought struggled to return.

I looked around. Who the fuck were those girls? 

I was instantly overcome by panic. I laid still. I didn’t want the girls to wake before I could find some memory to grasp. Though I begged for a memory – any memory – to return, none did.

I arrived at the infamous full moon party beach at around 4pm. I had just had a minor scooter accident and I was looking forward to soaking my wounds and having a drink in the sea.

I started chatting with a group of Canadians and we were going for it, drink after drink. Before I knew it, pissed. 

Right from the get go, we got ourselves those notorious buckets filled with Redbull and Thai whiskey. With this, the party had commenced.

The bass was booming and backpackers from all over the world were dancing as if in heat. Everyone kept sipping on their buckets. When mine ran out, I started taking sips from any bucket I could find (looking back, this was not a good idea). The last thing I remember was blowing fire from my mouth trying to pop a balloon.

And then…there was nothing.

I still couldn’t remember anything past the fire blowing. Stressed by questions, I no longer cared what the girls would think of me. I couldn’t contain myself any longer – I had to know what had happened.

“How did I meet you? Did you drug me? Did we have sex? Where are we? What happened!?”

They stared back at me drowsily while I paced back and forth inside our tiny hotel room. “Just calm down,” one of the girls said to me. “Don’t worry, I tell you what happen at breakfast.”

I continued to pace while they took showers and got ready. As time passed, brief clips of the night begin to trickle back into my brain.

I could remember kissing one of the girls… but then what? Did I have the elusive one night stand? 

At breakfast she swore to me that we didn’t have sex and to be honest I was in such a state I didn’t think we could’ve. 

Eventually, I submitted to the fact that I would never truly know what happened. I relaxed and started putting my energy towards hooking up with the beautiful Thai girl in front of me.

Long story short, despite a wicked and anxiety-ridden hangover, though I can hardly remember it, it was probably one of the best nights ever. Always are the ones you don’t remember, right?

On top of that, I ended up hitting it off with the Thai girl and have just spent the last week with her in bungalow paradise. I absolutely love, LOVE Thailand. I can see why everyone always bangs on about it!

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