Things I’ve Learnt About Sex Travelling

My travels in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia are coming to an end. I’ll be off to Australia in two weeks and because I haven’t written this blog for a while I thought I’d give away some of the knowledge I’ve managed to pick up in the past few months about people (including me!) who manage to have sex travelling. (really hope my mum doesn’t read this). 

In the nick of time… 

It’s always easiest to hook up just before one person is about to leave. It eliminates any potential awkwardness the next day and it gets you off the hook if the sex is not particularly good.

It can also sometimes be worth waiting a few days and letting the sexual tension build up to make everything a lot more exciting. If you do the deed just before one of you leaves, this can help. I mean, if it’s particularly good you can always arrange to meet up again for some repeat action. 

Hostel sex is grim, if you’re not involved… 

The kind of hostels I stayed in were cheap and grim. This makes the people who actually have sex in them even cheaper and grimmer. There’s no space, no air and no hiding places. 

In one hostel I was in this guy bought a girl back to our lads dorm. Luckily I fell into a heavy sleep moments after hearing them come in but I later woke up to find them sleeping in the next bed.

Because our beds were so close together, it felt like the three of us were sleeping in the same double bed. I ended up turning my back to them and facing the wall but it was still an intensely uncomfortable experience. And yes, there were other times when I could hear people shagging Inbetweeners style from across the room. 

Sex with yourself should be done in private… 

This is a story an Australian guy told me but I am going to share it as it is still a good story nonetheless:

The Australian guy went back to his dorm room late one night and found a guy fast asleep in one of the beds. His penis was sticking out of his underwear and there were wads of used tissues around him. He had obviously gotten very drunk, decided to have a wank and passed out.

Unfortunately for him, the other guy took a photo and shows it to people every time he tells the story.

How disgusting, and embarrassing for all involved. 

You can have sex in a hammock…

After one of the Full Moon Parties I went to in Thailand I was absolutely shattered. After a few hours, I decided to retire to my hammock and get some sleep. I wasn’t having much luck and when I sat up, I realised that there was a couple having sex in the next hammock.

In a strange way, they did have some privacy as they were positioned in such a way that the hammock closed up at the top. Everyone who walked past took one look at the convulsing cocoon and sniggered but I was just amazed that they could make it work.

Sex when you’re travelling can be pretty difficult. We’ve all got needs that need satisfying but may not have the money or time for a private room. Sometimes you’ve just got to get it where you can, and I don’t blame anyone for going public with it. I have! 🙂

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