Thoughts on Dublin, and then home

The trip is over now, I’m so sad. I just want to tell you about my last few days in Dublin though, it was awesome, and then we’ll get onto what I’m doing next. 

Tuesday night we went to the famous Temple Bar to go pubbing. We found a great pub playing live “trad” (traditional Irish music), and it was really great. A girl from the crowd just got out her fiddle and came up and jammed with the band for a while, it was amazing. Makes me wish that I was Irish. 

On Wednesday we toured Dublin. We went on a walking tour of the city that started from Trinity College and gave us a brief (one-sided) overview of Irish history while taking us through sites such as Parliament, the House of Lords, and statues of famous people and writers. After a pub grub lunch at Temple Bar, we visited the Guinness Brewery – it tastes even better here. I particularly enjoyed the advertising exhibits at the Guinness Brewery; all the “Guinness is good for you” classic ads are great. Then, back out last night for more drinks at the pub.

Thursday, more sightseeing. We started early to look for what our handy tourist maps had labelled the “U2 wall”. After getting good and lost, we finally found… a tiny wall with graffiti on it about U2. Um, yeah. Then we took the bus to the Kilmainham Jail and took a fascinating tour of the prison where most of the leaders of various Irish rebellions and revolts were locked up or even hung. Also many common and petty criminals, many of whom purposely committed crimes during the Potato Famine in hopes of being sent there because at least they were given a little food and could avoid starving to death. Nobody ever said Irish history was pretty.

On Friday we just chilled out as a group. It’s so sad to say bye to everyone that I’ve been hanging out with these last few weeks. I felt like I’d got to know them so well, it’s funny how I can feel like that in such a short space of time. I really will miss them, although I know I’ll meet up with the best of them in the future. 

So yeah, that’s it for my tour. Thanks for following along with me. I have a few weeks at home and I’m going to help dad with his business and work in the local co op, then we have a family trip to Iceland, then it’s pretty much Christmas and then next year I’m going to…. Thailand! 

Woohoooooooo! So excited! Me and a few of the lads from school are going travelling for a few months before I try and get into the world of work. Of course I’ll keep another diary, hope you will follow along on that one too! 

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