its a big wide world with lots to see, but every trip has its begining…

Here it is my travel story as it unfolds.

today i decided to start my travel journel here. but it started two weeks ago when i thought i need and want more out of life then working a boring job day in day out. I thought about travelling a few years ago. once bought a 1 way ticket to magaluf but then cancelled it coz i got involved with a girl. then the closest i got to travel was two seasons on holiday camps in scarborough which may be ok if i was from somewhere other than 40 miles away. I’ve now been back in my home town for two years and got the all to familiar fealing of itchy feet. and theres only one cure for that.
So as a result I going to remedy my itchy feet (dont think there is a cure anyway) and in the best way posible.

Travel many many miles away for as long as posible.

my initial goal date was nov but I’ve decided to go for 20th feb2008 which gives me 9 months as from yesterday. 20th because its midweek apparently travel is cheaper. and I get paid on the 15th which will be when i leave my job also. gives me 5 days to prepare and say good byes. guess thats that pretty much set once i save this.
In the past couple of weeks I’v read various destinations on lonely planets website and rough guide’s and also on here. I’ve read various msg boards and read rough guides book first time round the world (actually read it in a day)

After years of drifting I’ve finally set my heart on a goal.

Working 2 jobs means I can save more in a shorter space of time. I think i’ll be picking up min £850 a month from my main job. thats take home. and £125 a week from my weekend job. so budgetting and living tightly i can save all my monthly money and some of my weekly money. still got board and car to run. But I recon by feb i’ll have minimum of £6K after expenses for trip and my final £850 to come the month after I leave.

So plan so far is
one way flight to singapore £316 with qatar airways.
I’m travelling with my brother for first part of my trip so going to do SE Asia till his money runs out. he recons he’ll last six months which should be good.
Then at the min I think its off to OZ for me on a WHV for the full year I think.

I’m impulsive and this whole dream is on an impulse which makes it right and I think i should keep myself free to act on impulse.

Which basically means I’m not planning when I’m coming home. I know I could realistically stay in OZ for 2 years.

I’ve gone on a bit… thats past two weeks caught up on.

I’m V excited and its going to be a long 9 months hard saving.

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