OZ 2014

Hey all, 

I’m Rob, 27 years old and planning my first independent trip!

Hope you’re having an amazing time where ever you maybe travelling. I would love to hear all your stories and have loved reading all the blogs so far! 

Here is a little bit about me and My Trip… 

I plan to visit OZ in 2014 with a friend, and having only done organised tours before- USA and Europe, this will be my first time travelling independently! 

We will quite likely apply for a WHV, and can probably get by for the first 3 months or so without any need to work. We plan to start in Syndey and will pretty much sick to the East Coast. 

Long term travel questions….

How long do you usually hostel it for? Is it more cost effective to find an appartment ASAP? 

My spending budget will probably be about 4k for the 3-4 months, and unfortunatley, if I don’t find some sort of decent income after that it’s quite likely i’ll have to come home. I do have financial commitments at home, so if I don’t find a job after the 3 months, the money I will have saved up before going to cover all my outgoings whilst away will have run out. 🙁

I’d be interested to see if there are any travellers out there who travel long term and still have financial commitments back home to take care of as well. 

Job wise, i’d like to do something into Event Management etc, and utilise my Business Degree. 

Hope to hear back from you all!


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