New York Baby!

After a raucous and exhausting few months stashed away in Pennsylvania’s deepest valleys, 150 camp counsellors are dropped in the heart of Manhattan’s jungle; Times Square. You can only imagine the energy and excitement that catches like wild fire among young and eager counsellors; like animals being let loose.

New York City became my favourite place as soon as I stepped off the bus. Aside from partying on hotel rooftops, eating copious amounts of pepperoni pizza and hardcore celeb spotting, of course I hit up all the tourist hotspots. The iconic monuments you see in movies and the infamous landscapes painted on posters are all there for you to feast your eyes upon.

“It’s just like in the films. Like really, just like it. I feel like I’m in a Hollywood movie,” I remember shouting to my mum down the phone as I stood somewhere between west 34th and Broadway. My eyes couldn’t take in all the magic before me. I know you’re thinking “what a cheese-ball” but I’m afraid when it comes to NYC it is the love of my life.

So what to see and do… The city is so big and there is so much on offer that it can be hard to know where to start but this is where I introduce tip number one. In every city I am a true travel geek and get myself on a tour. It is a quick fire way to learn about a new place, get your bearings and decide on what exactly you want to see during your stay. It’s also a speedy tool to help boost you in the culture vulture stakes. My grandparents alway think I’m so much more well-cultured when I can fire out a few facts I learnt on a tour.

The NYC tour bus costs around $64 and whilst it is hard on the pocket it allows you access on 2 routes across 3 districts over 2 days and nights. It takes you past all the main attractions allowing for some good photo ops. Union Square, Radio City, the Empire State, the Golden Bull, Brooklyn Bridge, China town, Little Italy, everything you never believe truly existed.

After 3 visits to New York I still have a 2 page long list of things to see that need ticking off.

However, some of my highlights include the free boat that takes passengers  from Manhattan over to Staten Island where you can see the Statue of Liberty. Although you don’t get to see the statue up close, if you time it well you can see the statue amid a Manhattan sunset.

The 9/11 memorial museum is another of the main attractions that I insist needs a visit. It is only $10 to enter and the experience you take away from it is harrowing but something you won’t forget.

And there’s always a toss up between the  Rockefeller or the Empire State. Which one to climb? I have only ever been up the Rockefeller but there are 2 reasons for this. Number one being that if you go up the Rockefeller your pictures will have that oh-so-famous backdrop of manhattan’s skyline with the Empire State Building clearly visible. Number 2 is that the Rockefeller is the bigger of the two so if you are an adrenaline junkie like me, you get a little kick knowing you’re as high as you’re gonna get in the best city in the world.

To be continued…

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