The imaginatively titled intro post

Hello folks,

I’m going to Australia and so are my friends. I can’t remember which is which just now so let’s call them Friend 1, Friend 2 and Friend 3. Collectively they are to be known as Friends 1-thru-3.

Anyway, that’s not important just now. What is important is that I’m going to be getting from Cairns in the north of Queensland, down to Sydney, in the ummm… place where Sydney is, in just over three weeks. I’m not sure how I’ll be doing it, where I’ll be staying or quite what I can afford to do, but I’m going to have fun working it out. It can’t be that hard.

At 27, I’m a bit of an old timer, but I’ll be doing my best to get involved. Definitely going to be doing something extreme up in Cairns, going to the rainforest to get eaten by spiders and things with eyes on stalks; have a swim on the reef, maybe get eaten by sharks; want to try and cane it round Fraser Island if I’ve got the time and cash, maybe get eaten by dingos; and we’ll be having a nice and relaxed Christmas in Byron Bay, maybe get eaten by hippies; before getting back down to Sydney. Oh yeah, and I’m going to Australia Zoo to poke Steve Irwin in the eye and see how he reacts.

You’re alroight mate, you’re alroight…

While I’m in Sydney we’ll be having the annual Christmas meet up, except this time it’ll be extremely streamlined. Myself and Friends 1-thru-3 will be in x bar at x o’clock and if no one else turns up, we’ll have fun anyway. But if you do feel like it, you’ll be very welcome indeed. Details to follow later. Probably when I’ve decided on a decent pub. Tom ‘Gapyear Guru’ Griffiths recommends Scubar, but I don’t take drinking recommendations from people who clearly specialise in other fields.

Having already spent a month this year wandering slowly around Thailand and Laos, the only way I could talk them upstairs into letting me nick off to Oz is on the condition that I did a lot of work while I was over there. Fortunately for me, ‘work’ means finding out about relatively fun travel stuff. I’ll be writing little guides to this and that, drawing diagrams of how to get off planes, finding out which buses take you where, discovering if you can cook a drongo, providing recommendations for wines to accompany your flaming galah and cheese that enhances your shark biscuit. (Some, all or none of that last sentence was made up, but you get the jist.)

Anyway, it’s all good, it’s also all happening now before your very eyes. If you want to know something you think I can find out, just post here or PM me if it’s a prickly personal issue. No guarantees of course, but I’ll do my best. Depending on how personal an issue it is. I may just look embarrassed and shuffle my feet a bit.

That’s all for now though, I’ll write more when I’ve worked out which friend is which and what I’m doing when and that.

Take it easy,


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