So i finary made it to ecuador on the 5th of febuary , three days after i left home to catch my plane. my plane rides were not easy and not simple , due to heavy snow on the 2nd my flight got canceled. That was not to deter me though we jumped in the car and we drove to london. We arrived at about 1 in the morning and thought that would be the last of my troubles and went to my room at the yo hotel.

The next day though my flight was to be delayed by an hour an a half in turn making me miss my connecting flight to quito . GREAT. so one more day behind and i got put up in a nice hotel 4 stars lots of free foood and wine ,i couldnt really complain . I woke up nice and early for my flight to quito to find out i am not flying to venezuela and columbia before i go to quito. even this couldn{t go without a hitch on my flight to caracas a lady dies on my plane. There was aot of turbulance i think she had a heart attack. Any way enough about my flights over.

My first day in quito was intresting i met a irish guy called brendan and we decided to go to a church in old town and take pictures from the top of the towers which you can climb up by walking across the beams of the church and climb up lots of little ladders which scared me they were soo steep but te veiws from the top were amazing quito just covered the whole valley it just kept going and goin i have some nice ictures that i will add later

Afterthe church we went to the monument in quito the virgin of quito. As all guide books tell you how dodgey the walk up to the top is and that you should taxi it that is exactly what we done .we reached the top got out the taxi and the silly man drove off leaving us up there after a walk around some picture taking and an encouter with a wide herd of sheep we decided it was time to find us a new taxi after 30 mins and no luck walking sounded like a plan . we started walking and didn{t see what the big deal was until about half way down it started with some old lady shouting at us and then setting her dogs on us, then a man stopped in his truck to tell us to walk to other way cause walking down this road we would end up dead and done a nice signal of someone slitting his throat which made the message a little clearer. i have never felt so unsafe in my life

there is alot more to be said but as of now i cannot be bothered

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