finally booked tickets…so whats up with me?

😮 oh my god we’ve finally booked! we’re off on the 30th nov!

So why do i feel like bursting into tears? All i can think is how much im going to miss home. My mum and my brother, i cant bear the thought of a year away from them and my family. Im gonna miss my friends sooo much.

Since we decided we were doing this all i’ve done is make plans and look forward to finally booking tickets and everything! I’ve been so excited and telling everyone about our adventure…but now i cant seem to get that wahoo feeling i was expecting! 😯

what is up with me hey? hopefully it will kick in soon…i mean how many people can say ‘im off round the world, see you in a bit lil shit!lol!’


At least its all booked now….just gotta sort visas etc.

Anyhu V fest this weekend!, hopefully that will buck up my spirits! celebrate good times come on!!!!

Ill update this when i find my WAhooo! 🙄

our itinery:

first stop

Thailand Nov 30th 2008
Cairns OZ Mar 22nd 2008
NZ Sep 6th 2009
Fiji Oct 18th 2009
America Nov 1st 2009

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