At last a weight off our shoulders!its all falling into place!

😀 whoop whoop im so bloody happy! Michaels WHV for Oz has just been granted. we’ve been shitting it for weeks and with only 3 and a bit more weeks left it was starting to seem like it would never be sorted!
So now we can get as far as OZ and NZ etc…next stop interview in Oz for USA. Or just blag it? too risky?!

Im just glad that we’re definately sorted for Oz as this is 6 months of the trip.

fireworks night tonight and kerrie wednesday!(kez comes round every wednesday since we arranged to leave, this is a huge thing im gonna miss, only 4 more kerrie wednesdays left!) gonna truely celebrate!

Oh and not forgetting i already have a buyer for my car, i cant believe it! i only advertised it on fri evening and i have a deposit already! Angelina is the girls name and as of monday 17th nov she will be the proud new owner of my lil beauty and i shall be a public transport user! damn it!

bloody funny story, the day i was cleaning it for her to come and see the car, a pigeon fell out of the sky onto my roof and down the windscreen!mental suicide pigeon! It also managed to shit alover my car as it fell! must have been goodluck for me? Well the pigeon wasn’t dead but i think it was definately on its way out so i got it a nice warm box and put it under a tree to rest.

sad times.

must go…got a party to plan!

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