heres to another worldwind adventure with shrek and donkey!

😀 god i’ve been meaning to write on here for weeks but been soooo busy with rearranging!

so we were supposed to leave on sunday 30th, that went tits up as there were massive riots in bangkok airport, its still not opened fully yet! This was a bit of a blessing really as it gave us a few extra days to get organised and say a few extra good byes and have crimbo dinner!!

in the few weeks running up to our departure nothing seemed to be going right, my car sales fell through 3 times in 3 weeks and michael managed to lose the only set of keys for his van!Oh and i nearly died at work, well my phone got slaughtered by a meat cleaver which ben had left on the top shelf! so new phone now needed! everything worked out in the end, michael found his keys and i sold my car on the wednesday for close shave!got 2500 for it so not too bad, gutted i left my police album in there tho! 😡

It was a good job we didnt have to leave on the sunday as we hadn’t even moved our stuff out of the flat to mums! We had our leaving party on Sat night and it was amazing! made us realise just how many friends we have to miss while we’re away! Really annoyed that bob never came, or even bothered to say goodbye! no crimbo bonus or anything!nevermind!bygones.

We ran down the airport on sunday morning as we were in a state of panic after not getting through to anyone on the sat, and for a little while we thought this may be the end of the road. But we sorted it after about an hour on the phone to a quantas answer machine, and changed our location and date to singapore on dec 4th!

i got to spend some extra time with kez at work which was really nice and we all went for one last drink on the wednesday night!

Thurs morning lucy came round at like 6am and we slept on the sofa for a couple of hours, it was like old times, really really happy i got to say our cheesy goodbye, im gonna misss her so much. I took cian to the new shopping centre to see santa, it was really nice, until he through up all over the shopping centre!lol! poor sod. It was all a mad panic then for me to get him home and i also had to buy a new phone! why didnt i do all this b4!lol!

Mum made us a yummy crimbo dinner and me and cian did the tree!So it was nice to have a little christmas b4 we left. Im gonna miss christmas at home the most.
we went up to see olive and ken and it broke my heart to say goodbye, olive started crying and i cant handle that. we went home and kez had come round and she burst into tears making me cry again! I was an emotional wreck by the time gary came to pick us up! i cant believe little alfie will be walking and everything when we return!
saying goodbye to cian was so hard, i dont think he understands we’re gonna be away for so long, all he’s interested in is the pressi michael promised him!
mum was cool as bloody ice but i know she’ll miss us really!lol!…we’ve spoke almost everyday sincce we arrived thanks to msn and facebook!

we said goodbye to michaels family on the sunday, really nice day spent round kays and had some quality time with the inlaws looking at old pics of michael! got a hug form michaels mum which was a nice. poor rikki was worried about us going to bangkok with all the trouble but we reassured her it would all be fine.

So now we’re in malaysia after travelling up here form singapore where we spent a few days. singapore was beautiful but expensive. The hostel was good and better than we were expecting!although we had booked a private room and the lady had over booked and we ended up sharing with 2 other girls which wasn’t too bad actually!After a 13 hr flight we just wanted a bed to sleep in!The second night we had the room to ourselves which was good but we were in bunk beds so felt like a sleepover as kids! we made a few friends and got loads of advice on where to go and how to get there from others who had been there, or lived there. Im suprised at how many people were studying in foreign countries and had been living there. The jet lag is something we’re still trying to get over and its was annoying because we would fall asleep in the afternoon adn then wake up at like 10pm when the lights and tv etc were off in the hostel so we went out and ate instead lol!

There are so many food shops!lol! we were eating street food which was yummy! Michael was impressed as football was on every night and we even went for a beer and watched footy withn the locals!! there was a karaoke bar but we didnt manage to go there in the few days, but i imagine it would have been like the one out of rush hour!lol!we went out on a few train journeys and amazed at how much singapore is like home, there’s even a topshop here!lol!theres also lots of christmas decorations which were lovely! the people were so laid back and welcoming and the streets are soooo clean and we felt safe! i loved it in singapore, just a little expensive for our budget of 13 quid a day lol!
We had to buy a new camera as ours broke the day of our party so this set us back about 80 quid after some haggling with the shopkeeper in singapore. He through in an sd card though and took a pic of us!prob as a suvenier of the mugs he had just conned for 80quid!lol! i checked on the net later on and found that the store we bought form sells the camera for 77sing$! nevermind at least we can capture some memories now!

After two days in singapore, we booked a bus and hostel online for our next destination Kuala lumpar. Most of the hostels were booked up but luckily i had let Carl, a man we met in the hostel, use our laptop to book his accom and when we checked the history we came accross this booking with the hostel were in now.we had a bit of a result here as the rooms were only like 4 pound each a night for a 4 bed dorm, and the bloke here had over booked so last night we got a private room! the bus was another bonus, we got both our tickets here for 42 sg $ about a tenner each not bad considering two girls in our hostel in singapore had paid 5o $ each!

So we packed up our bags looking like two turles with our shells on and having alaugh at me almost falling over with the weight of mine, we said our goodbyes and set off!We arrived in pudaraya yesterday, which for a moment back in singapore we weren’t sure we’d make it as id booked our bus online and couldn’t remember the company name when we finally reached the bus station at golden mile tower singapore.
We were in a mad panic as we were due to leave at 11.30 am and at 11.10 we had no idea where to get our bus!lol! finally after much asking in many tour company shops, someone let me use their pc to check my email booking!what a legend!
we practically ran to our bus,which is harder than you think withn those bloody backpacks, and then spent the next 6 hrs travelling up to puduraya kl. passed the time pretty easily accompanied with my ds and lego batman!The scenery on the way was amazing which helped!

Im quite proud of ourselves as we seem to be making our way pretty well without any plans! we were supposed to be in bangkok so we havent planned anything for singapore, malaysia, all we know is we’re meeting ash and siobhan and the kids next week, which i’ve been looking forward to the most, every since i was little, ash has been saying he would take me to malaysia, so im sooo happy to finally have the chance to be here, even if its pissing down right now!lol!

I’ve been trying different foods to be a bit more adventurous lol and last night we ventured down to the night market outside our hostel here and bought some chicken and rice! bit scary at first with lots of stalls selling top quality gucci bags, im sure!we’re settling in quite nicely, its a lot different to singapore, quite run down in this area but on the way in the bus the scenery was amazing, lots of forests and bonzai trees! The streets are packed and the driving is like egypt where people mainly beep and dodge each other! we found this out on our way to the hostel from the bus station. cost us 30 ringgit but we were restless after the coach journey and man are our bags heavy!the staion was bustling and quite intimidating so getting the train would prob have been a nightmare. The cab driver was good, he was giving us loads of advice on places to see and go although i think talking to us was distracting him a s i thought we were gonna crash about 50 times along the way..

So now were here and after a pretty noisy night, with the rain hittin the roof and the mosque next door, and the cock a doodle doodling of the cocks this morning,thank god for earpplugs! michaels been up since about 5am with the jet lag still in play, watching football and playing with naughty the cat here, he’s beautiful(the cat!).im here catching up so that we have something to look back on when we return, as we’ve only been away 3 days and its feels like a month with all we’ve done im sure we’ll have so much to remember….heres to a year of adventures!

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