monkey business in malaysia!

😀 trying to keep ontop of this while i still remeber what we’ve done so far as i’ve already managed to loose all track of what day and time it is! we fdeel like we’ve been away for a month, its only a week today since we left home!

so far we’ve been to singapore and travelled up to malaysia on a 6 hr bus journey which wasn’t too bad and quite a bargain 42 s$for both! like a total idiot though i forgot to write down who we had booked with and so we went to the bus station and didnt have a clue which bus we were supposed to be on and we were due to leave in 10 mins!
luckily a rep for one of the bus companies let us use his pc and we found out just in time!

anyhu movin on to events since, we’ve been busy bees exploring kl on the trains, buses monorail! monorail is freaky as it bends like a rollercoaster when it turns corners!mental!

we ventured down to china town and michael was well impressed by his purchase of some funky t-shirts and i got some pretty swarve flop flips.oh my god and we went to central market and had our feet cleaned in a little pool of doctor fish! it was the craziest ten minutes and we were in histerics laughing as it was sooooo ticklish!then we had the nicest meal of chicken and rice with some sort of sauce which i completely forgot the name of! cant believe how cheap it was in a restaurant like not even 2 quid for each meal!crazy!

we went to see the towers and were too late so just did a bit of window shopping and then we came accross the most tastiest ice cream ever! it was all real fruit and so we blew the budget on two giant chocolate dipped cones and strawberry, white chocolate and rasberry flavour scoops! they were truely fruitiful! speaking of fruit, we’ve given a few new fruits a try from n the market outside, we had some dragon fruit and another one which you brake open and inside it looks like a garlic! its lovely, tastes like plum!

yesterday was my favourite when we got a bus for the first time, which wasn’t too bad, to the bateu caves. What a day! We arrived and were wary as some of the others from our hostel said that there are evil monkeys that try to rob you!lol! well when we arrived we seen a man with his kids and he was showing them how to feed the monkeys, so we bought a bag of nuts and joined in! the monkeys came flocking!lol! they were such little characters! i absolutely loved it. one little one kept coming up to us and looking around him before snatching the nuts us and filling his cheeks! then i got the shock of my life, the little one took another nut and all of a sudden this horrible big one came and attacked him and held him down squeeling! its was awful!
This was an evil monkey but the rest were really gentle, they just came up to us and gently took the nuts from us. It reminded me of the scene out of the jungle book where the monkeys were all around the old ruins. Oh and it was so funny when a group of them nicked some bananas form somewhere and they went flying past us and scurried up to the caves with them!Brilliant!

We had to walk up 272 steps to the actual caves! we were getting dizzy half way up and i couldn’t shifht the rocky theme tune form my head!lol!the monkeys were cheekily following us looking for more nuts adn michael was playing catch with one of them! then half way up there was a mum with hr baby grasping onto her belly for dear life as she made her way down for her share! they were amazing! i tried to feed her and get pics of her baby but she was very protective and it took a while and like a million nuts! then 2 cheeky little ones were trying to get a piece of the action!
when we finally reached the top it was all wet and dripping and dark! really creepy but inside it was lightly lit and we could see the monuments and statues of characters. Then we came across a chicken! A chicken!272 steps up and in a cave! nuts!

we moved through the caves and came to the end where there was an opening above and with the light shining through we could see that there were hundreds more monkeys on the cave walls! there was one big one sitting on a rock up there with a bag of nuts to himself which he had stolen form someone!lol!

everyone was taking pics and then a girl took out her bag of nuts and one of the little buggers climbed up her to get them! well we decided we wanted to have a go, so we got the nuts out, and they came flying over! we got 2 little ones to climb on us to reach the nuts and it was amazin, i’ll never forget that day! its my favourite so far!

Today we got up really early and went to the towers again to get tickets to go to the top this time! after a loooooooooooooooong wait we finally got to go up to the bridge and see the view, it was ok but nothing really worth 2 hrs wait. glad we did it though just to be able to say we were up the tallest skyscrapers in the world!

I spoke to ash yesterday after trying to get a payg chip which is impossible without your passport lol! strange. Found out that he used to live in a place called bangsar park, its not too faraway so we will be visting them whenm they arrive on 17th! cant wait!

we made friends with a lot of people in the hostel as they’ve come and gone and we’ve got most of our info and recommendations for places to go from people we met along the way. We came to hostel cosmopolitan after finf=ding it through carl, from singapore hostel and then we made friend s with lucy and kirsty and they told us about langkawi! we’re sharing a room witha canadian couple, holly and jerratt, we’re travelling with them to langkawi tonight by bus! Langkawi is a beach area so hopefully we’ll get some sunshine as its been raining here every afternoon! i cant wait! roadtrip!

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