3months in and well and truely slacking on the blog front lol!

😕 i cant believe i’ve left it this long! was just reading over my last blog and realised that it was still in dec 08! shocking. soooo much has happened and we’ve travelled many many miles and had so many adventures.

well at the moment we’re spending our second day in luang prabang,laos! sitting in the cinema room at spicy laos hostel watching band of brothers and chillaxing after we spent the hottest part of the day cycling around the town and visiting the temple. riding a bike was a laugh as other than one drunken night in phi phi when i took it upon myself to jump on the basket of a moving bike lol, this is the first time i’ve rode one in years! we looked like the scene out of sound of music, riding along like kids!

so back to where i last left off…. we were heading off to langkawi with holly and jarrett…they went to the bus station to buy the tickets and we looked up some accommodation…well both these events turned into complete catastrophes as we discovered when they returned with the tickets, they were for the wrong destination lol! lucky enough this was an easy hurdle to overcome and we just paid extra at the bus station to go the extra distance to kuala perlis where we would get the boat to langkawi!

This was our first ever night bus on our travels so we didnt know what to expect, but omg we were not prepared!the bus was really nice and spacious, big comfy seats and aircon. So we snuggled into our seats ready to kip all night until we were due to arrive at the pier, well this is where the nightmare began. The air con was so evil! we froze all night trying to get some shut eye but there was no hope, the driver was a maniac who sped round the cliff edges like he was trying to get some world record lol, and didnt understand a word when we were begging him to turn the aircon off. so we just sat there trying to huddle up to keep warm and just wishing for the journey to be over so we could get in our nice comfy beds at kedawang inn, thankgod we had our accommodation booked….

The bus ride from hell was finally over and we had just got to kedawang inn after the boat ride and hagling with the taxi drivers, we were more than ready to hit the sack…but there was nother surprise in sore fro us yet!

we practically crawled into the reception, absolutely knackered and slumped down at the front desk, the look on the ladies face told us something was wrong…”em hello madam, we we we have em emailed you this morning…em we do not have the rooms” or something along those lines stuttered out of her mouth to our disbelief. this was the last thing we needed after like 12 hrs travelling. i ws livid, we wouldnt have bothered travelling all that way if we had known there were no rooms and i ahd received no emails telling me that our room was not available. she blamed it on hostelbookers and then she kept saying we have another hotel but its not on the beach, it was in the middle of no=where!with no beach in sight….and double tthe room price cheeky cow!

so we told her to shove it and dragged ourselves down the street in search of somewhere to stay…

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