monkey madness & elephun!

😀 we’re in Siem Reap now in the best hostel ever, its practically a hotel! theres a pool and everything! we were originally booked in for 3 nights as we were trying to squeeze in vietnam before we head back to bangkok for our flight to singapore to cairns but after 5 nights, one pub crawl resulting in the feeding the 5000,temples, monkey madness and elephun, we’re still here and are awaiting tomorrows st paddys day celebrations! bring on the green body paint!

we travelled here on the 11th from phnom penh where we had spent a couple of nights in a hotel called world star, not being flashpackers but when we arrived late on the first night after a whole days travel involving a million bus changes, breakdowns,tyre changes, suspicious stop offs at ungodly hours to friends of the drivers,and michael performing magic tricks for the local children their families and neighbours!,oh and not forgetting my tramatic 20 mins panic when michael got off the bus for an Atm and the bus drove off without him!Needless to say we were knackered and after the first hostel was a complete pit, we decided to fork out the $18 a night bill and have some home comforts(hbo and hot shower!)

We only stayed in the capital for 2 days just enough time to see the national museum and taste the best kfc we’ve had since england! a meal for 2 with jelly and ice cream and free colonal salt and pepper shakers for $5!Our first impressions of cambodia were so far so good~! we also noticed how smart a lot of the cambodians dressed and it seemed as though everyone was working for a living, there were a lot less beggers on the street, this was one of the first differences to Laos, where it seemed that a lot of people there were bitter and were more inclined to feel sorry for themselves in a way. I dont really know how to explain it exactly but its seems that the cambodians, even after all they have suffered, still have a ”get up and go” attitude and arent bitter at all but try every opportunity to work and strive for a better life. They’re also a lot friendlier in our experience.

On the 11th we took the bus to Siem ReaP for $11 and had high hopes for the hostel we’d be staying in as our friends sarah and donna who we originally met in Spicy Laos, had been here a few days already and were raving on about how nice it was.

When we arrived after a pretty impressive bus journey(they gave us free doughnuts!nothing else was that great), we jumped into a tuk tuk at the bus stop with Mr T. Mr T has so far been the nicest tuk tuk driver we’ve encountered and asked us for any extra work we could give him if we were going anywhere. He was really sweet and spoke good english so we took his number and promised we’d call.

When we had checked in, we were shown to our room and it was a pleasant surprise to see that sarah and donna were in the same dorm as us! After 10 mins of catch up chat about what we’d done since they last left us in vientiene, and checking out the unbelieveable standard of our room and ensuite, the four of us headed to Bar st to meet Skippy (another fellow Spicy Laos member!) we ended up having a meal in Red Piano over looking the town filled with modern bars and restaurants, we were dfinately falling for this place!Sarah and Donna led us to the night market where there were lots of silk skarves and silver jewellery and we seen the cutest chubby baby sleeping in his crib on one of the stalls. It was also the first place since thailand where we had seen the pools with doctor fish and so after 99 days of dusty footing, michael treated his feet!
With michaels feet now revived and all of us feeling slightly parched,We headed to the angkor wat bar where the walls are covered in funky grafitti and they allow you to write all over the place including the tables but then bizarely they give you beer mats so as to not mark the tables with drink lol!

The next day, sarah and Donna were leaving for Vietnam, and we had a mid night new arrivel in our dorm. So with the girls gone the next morning, it was now me michael and our new roomie james~!

for the first day we just chilled in the hostel exploring the four floors full of activities like pool, giant connect four, giant jenga and football table. We discovered 2 tv room, a chill out room with hammocks and of course the free internet & the swimming pool! It was pretty easy to just stay in all day, then that night we booked our tuk tuk with T for our trip to the temples the next day.

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