so here i am over 2 months in to our oz end of our adventure and im down to 800 quid!lol! truely shitting it as i only have a cleaning job here in happy travels earning 30 dollars a week b4 tax fucking hilarious! on the up side michaels has just landed himself a full time job as a removals man so hes rolling in the bucks lol!
Anyhu just to update how we’re getting on as im well and truely slacking in the blog department! We arrived in cairns on the 28th mar after total manic trip and almost missing our flight running for our lives as the sign said gate close, i almost died!!!!! no exaggereation we spent the whole plane trip to darwin coughing our little lungs up lmao!
then when we arrived in darwin for a stop over we were about to be searched byuy custons and didnt wanna get caught with too many fags and asjed the most stupid question to the couple of boys infront of us in the q! ” wopuld you mind taking some thing thru for us!” as soon as it came out of our mouths we were like what the fuck of course theyre not lmao! Well after a blatent refusal on their behalf and rightly so, we got thru fine with our bundles of smokes and waited for the follow on flight to cairns! We had made an emergancy last minute booking at the airport to stay in castaways hostel, big big bloody mistake the place was a total dump and made us well and truely depressed to the point of us actually consideringleaving oz and heading home!

woah there i just read over this and its now the end of august!im so ashamed of my lack of blogging abilities! We’re still in cairns and right at this moment im sat in the novotel palm cove doing my duty as car rentals sales person on the desk, sipping hot chocolate and spending quality time on facebook lol!not one customer yet…also had time to think up what my excuse is for jacking in the job today..maybe tomo?yes im chicken but i feel so guilty after all the searching and hoping and praying that someone actually gave me a full time job and now im throwing in the as we’re off down the coast on the 7th sept! cant wait to get our hippie camper and set off on our travels, stopping off whenever and wherever we want and swiming in waterfalls! I actually cant believe reading this back, i still have that 800 quid in my account!i maanaged to get by on all my small jobs working for the sharehouse which covered our rent of 280 a week and then my 2 cleaning jobs for happy travels and ananda. I loved going to anandas, such an easy job just doing basic housework and it was only 2 hrs a day so plenty of time to watch oc! yes unbelievably the 325 crew have worked our way through some amount of tv series! first sex and the city then the oc and now prison break, although me n mich moved out just before we got started on season 2! paddy our little warrior fish has survived his miraculous tank escape and trying to kill him self in the pebbles and now in the loving care of 325s new tenants and good friends of our michael, gary and vic. Gary and vic moved in to our room when we left draper to move to balfe st with brad and ange, the messiest landlords and flatmates ever!well ill leave it here for now as i need a wee…

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