I booked my ticket!!

Well, after I dont know how many months of saving and drinking only water when I go to the pub, my travel plans are finally coming together!

I met my travel buddy Beth a while ago through gapyear.com (Brilliant site!) and now we are finally at ticket booking stage!

I called up the nice lady at STA (who was very helpful when i called up a month ago asking about routes, prices any questions I could think of really) during my lunch hour at work, and all the flights are now sorted!! I am soo unbelievably excited now, it acually feels real. The big day is 15th September, less than 5 months away, Oh my god!!! So here’s the intinery –

First stop, Johannesburg, South Africa. Probably visit Kruger National Park and generally explore South Africa before flying out of Cape Town into –

Thailand (Stopover Singapore). This part is slightly hazy still, at some point we shall be doing an elephant rescue project for 2 weeks, and volunteering at the tiger temple for 5 weeks. Then explore all round thailand, singapore, malaysia etc. although defintely have to be in Thailand for the Xmas party on the beach!

Then over to Oz for 4 months, where we shall work (need more funds by then) and generally travel round, learn to scuba dive, surf etc etc.

Next – New Zealand, where i think we want to try the majority of adventure sports available lol.

Fiji for a couple of weeks, just to chill out on the gorgeous beaches.

And finally – Fly into LA where we pan to overland up to Canada, explore, maybe do some skiing, and decide whether to go home or if we fancy hitting South America.

So this is the general idea, may change along the way you never know, but at least the basics are there so I can now get excited wahoo!!

So this is my travel blog started, ready to be added to whenever something new and exciting happens!

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