Almost there!!!!Yippee!!

Well, I’m still at home in England and I’m leaving in less than 3 weeks. I leave for Bangkok on August 18th. I’m there for 6 weeks, starting with a volunteer elephant project for the first two. Actually that starts on the 22nd, so for the first 3 days I gotta fend for myself (aarrgghhh). I haven’t even booked my first nights accommodation yet – probably best to get booked sooner rather than later, but where do I start?! Its such a daunting task.

To be honest the only thing that’s bothering me at the moment, is that I’m gonna be landing in a foreign country and I have to work out how to get out of arrivals at the airport and then flag down a taxi and work out in basic thai, how to say “Can you take me to so and so hostel”.

After Asia, I go to Australia. I land there on Oct 1st in Perth. Decided on Perth, as most people seem to go for the East Coast and that’s not what it’s all about for me, I wanna experience completely different sides to the same country and I’ve heard its beautiful in the West, if a little sparse.

I’m also doing New Zealand. I think its a given, if you go to Oz for any decent amount of time that you have to include New Zealand. I’m also convinced I may fall in love with the place, going on what people have told me about it.
Fiji is also on the agenda, but there’s a possibilty that I won’t get to see it, as my friend gets married on March 20th next year, so may be coming back for that and missing out the last leg.

I’m no longer going with my previously mentioned friend. After a lot of soul searching I realised I needed to do it sooner rather than later and I have John (my boyfriend) to think about. However, I’ve met a girl on here that I get on really well with and there is a possibility she could be joining me – she’s called Caroline too and likes all the same stuff as me. We have the same sort of ideas of what we wanna see and do.

Well think I’m gonna leave it there for now. Hopefully the next time I write something on here it’ll be on foreign soil. I’m so incredibly excited and can’t believe its nearly here.

I just hope its not too boring to read.

Happy travels to all xx

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