Booked A Trip, Yay!

I am off on a mini-break! 😀
After not having been abroad for over a year (yes, really 😥 ) I am off on 24th March. I’m squishing in a 4-day mini-break at the start of the Easter holidays, between the end of my uni term and spending an exciting vacation working on my next assignments. After working hard on my Masters course, January misery, and enduring general stress and evilness that is living in London, I deserve a break. In fact, my permanent cold (thanks, people sniffling on the Tube 👿 ) demands some rest and relaxation.
Where? Ljubljana, Slovenia. No clearer? I’d never heard of it until spotting this: 😆
Oh and no, I can’t pronounce it either, although in theory it sounds something like “Lyooblyana”.
Anyway, it’s part of the former Yugoslavia (for those old enough to remember 😉 ). It’s Eastern Europe, it’s cheap, it’s pretty. It has a spa for 14 quid (all day pass) and treatments from £2.50. (I am a girl, I like spas, OK? 😈 Blame my mum, if you like. Or womens’ magazines. Whatever.)
Um. What I mean is, I am going to soak up the cultural, hostorical and bohemian mecca that is Ljubljana. (Geek fact: the sport of skiiing may have originated from Slovenia). That is, spa…potter around museums…stroll around looking at pretty views…stop for good cheap coffee and food…get drunk, cheaply. Sounds perfect.
The whole thing should cost me just over £300 – including transport to the airport, on-plane snacks etc…OK, not including guidebook, film, new clothes to wear, mad dash to Boots at airport for forgotten toiletries items, and inevitable tacky souvenirs 😈 . You know, details.
Anyway. Point is, it can be done on a budget. Even I, a poor student, can find £300 after a few months’ saving and slaving in a crap part-time job transcribing interviews. The fact that I have no self-control and cannot stick to said budget is irrelevant. 😆
I booked it all up today on the Internet. Flights, 60 quid with EasyJet. They go from Stansted and the flight time is just over 2 hours. They could be had from £35 a week ago 👿 . Wizzair and Adria also fly to Ljubljana cheaply, but were all booked up 👿 . So book early.
Cheap hotel, Google search, 37 quid a night (the cheapest 2-star hotel, there is a wide range of accommodation options in Ljubljana, including hostels. I reckon on existing on £15 per day once there, for food, transport etc.
A tip is to buy the Ljubljana card. For £8 it gets you free bus travel and discounts in several hotels and hostels, not to mention tourist attractions.
So that’s it for now…I’m off to do some work. I will update nearer the time, including whether I manage to a. pack everything into a “weekend” bag and b. can lift it… 🙄 Although it does have wheels… 😳

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