Baby Step

I bought a Cuba Lonely Planet today 😀 😀 My theory is, since I spent some cash on the trip – even if only a small amount – I will have to go.
What was I on yesterday? 😳 Feel less worried now. Started work today. It went fine 😀 (Celebrating with a lil’ drink 😆 ) so that’s that worry over, think it will be fine.
Just one worry on my neurotic mind (hell, I worry if I don’t have stuff to worry about): hurricanes. Can deal with a bit of rain…but what if it’s really bad one and the plane can’t land? Do I get a refund?? God 🙄 I may just go to Thailand or somewhere. Except I really want to go to Cuba.
So may have to risk hurricanes.
Going to go read my new LP and get inspired.
Took Ljubljana LP to read on Tube, on way to work. Planning my (much deserved) mini-break. Will need it – damn group project to do by then and supervisor to find for dissertation 👿 not to mention go to lectures and work 20 hours per week 👿 sooooo looking forward to it. So much work to do, even over weekend 👿 but hey. It will all be worth it one day.

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