More Cuba Planning

Just want to finish my course and go to Cuba 😥
Have been reading up on t’Internet. *Edit: I wanted to point out that this does not refer to anyone on here, but other forums.*
Getting really peed off with ignorant Bush-supporting neo-McCarthyist Americans posting “Cuba is bad” rantings. Hello…I don’t agree with Communism (while being left of Tony Blair, um, which describes most people…) but the Cuban PEOPLE are not to blame for their government. And the supposed “Land of the Free” ironically has the death penalty, racism, anti-gay ism ❓ , has way too heavy censorship in the media, gives too much power to Christian right-wing religious fundamentalists, e.g. they can’t even teach evolution in their schools, scientists are not free to do research, and they are trying to ban abortion….they restrict their own citizens’ freedom of movement, as they may not go to Cuba…oh and a small matter called Guantanamo Bay…all the while thinking THEY can teach the world about freedom and democracy.
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Funny how Cuba has virtually zero illiteracy, and life expectancy is as good as for the US…with a tenth of the money spent per person. TB could learn something here… 💡 💡
Oh and “human rights abuses”, come on…does the Cuban govt. torture anyone? Prevent free assembly (and shoot peaceful protesters)? Stop people following their own religious beliefs or not as they choose? No. Cuba has signed up to 4 of 6 UN conventions. Yeah it’s not ideal but as dictatorships go, there are many far worse, China for example.
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And furthermore Cubans are PEOPLE and NOT THERE TO BE USED FOR TOURISTS’ CHEAP SEXUAL GRATIFICATION just because they are desparate for the money, OK sick pervs??!!
Oh and if you don’t like it, and will whinge about the lack of McDonald’s and Starbucks…DON’T GO THERE!!

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Sorry for the rant, feel better 😆 😳

Yeah so I HAVE to go…you know when Castro dies, it will be yay capitalism and McD’s, SB etc. like everywhere else.
Am slightly concerned about my lack of Spanish…or any linguistic ability. Especially as Sp is so similar to French and Italian…both of which I know a few words of…so I tend to speak a bad pidgin mix of all 3 mixed with English / nothing at all 😳 Maybe should get myself a teach-yourself CD. Did that with French for an Inter-Railing trip a couple of years ago, listened to it at the gym. Good idea. I should do that.
Update: has language lessons for free! 😀

Here is some Cuba info:

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