Well, have torn myself away from Cuba to focus on my min trip in less than 2 weeks 😀
Have found out can still be as cold as 0 C in March 👿 👿 👿 NOT happy…do I need to pack woollies? Thought spring was here 👿 👿 That said, the March range is 0-12 and April (since it will be the end of March) 5-15…guess it has been known to snow in March over here, a couple of years ago it did I think? 😕 while this March has been lovely so far.
Had better check, do not want to freeze ass off…aaah…daytime temp is much the same as here, 13 – 17, but nights still below freezing! Good thing I checked 😳 dammit gloves and hat and scarf are going in luggage 👿 sooo mad…thought would be warmish, it’s not far from Italy dammit
😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡
was planning on taking open toe sandals! 🙄
😳 😳

Fair enough though, hey will still be a fun trip.

Was reading guidebook…you can eat horse 😯 just can’t imagine bringing myself to do it, would be eating Black Beauty 😥 although rationally I know it is no different from eating, say, beef or chicken. But I don’t think I’ll be trying it.
There is even a chain that does horse burgers called Hot Horse 😉 😕
My plan so far is:
Saturday: arrive at airport 19.25 local time, get bus to centre at 20.00 hopefully 🙄 or 20.10 but if don’t make either have to wait till 21.45, will NOT be happy 👿 so my luggage better appear quickly! All being well, arrive 20.40 or 20.45, check into hotel, and go eat something and join Sat night party I guess! 😛
Sunday – lazy day having coffee and doing cultural duty
Monday – spa
Tuesday – more cultural stuff, maybe an exhibition at Metelkova which sounds mental 😕
Wednesday – chill before leaving at 17.00

Still loving the cute English (or butchering of) 😆

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