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Hey all 😀
I was thinking about Ljubljana – there are no crappy tourist rip-offs. Like in say Paris or Rome, there are tourist cafes that are way overpriced, and if you ask for a coffee in the wrong way you get “the entire annual coffee production of Colombia and milk production of Holland” (quote). Not in Eastern Europe – or Slovenia anyway. You get the same price as locals and there are no tourist cafes, just places where locals and travellers alike can go to eat and drink. And no bad attitude from the waiting staff either.
It was very refreshing.
Also, although I said that most people speak English, which they do, I think it’s still useful to take a phrasebook and learn a few basics. I don’t think they do that evil thing of “Ha, I detect from your accent that you are British and will therefore reply in English just to make you feel crap” 👿 they are just a bit 😕 that a tourist would bother to learn a few words of Slovene 😆 . I did come across a couple of people who spoke no English, and it was damn handy as I needed small batteries for my camera. I felt good being able to say Hello – dobre den – and thank you – Hvala.
As you can tell, there are way too many consonants, especially z, y and w 😀 but it’s not that scary.

Now, to Cuba.

A link to some novels set in, um, Cuba:


Also a warning. The Rough Guide to Cuba (3rd edition, May 2005) is way out of date. It talks about paying in dollars… 🙄 which has not been legal currency since 2004.
I already have LP, but wondered if I need another guidebook. There was one with so many pretty pictures 😛 but not a good reason to buy it 😆 .
I may wait and see if a new edition with accurate information 👿 comes out soon.

Love being back in London…taxi driver asked the usual “Been anywhere nice, luv?” so I said Ljubljana and he said, Is that in Spain? 🙄 😆 I knew for sure I was home.

Random event: I was walking home, up my street when a girl yelled out of the window of a nearby flat…ignored it…after a while clicked she was trying to get my attention, she said Could I turn off some lights. Was v 😕 but said OK, wondering if was about to get mugged…she looked like a nice unscary girl but her 6 ft hard bf could’ve been hiding with his 6 mates 😆 anyway went into building, she opened the door, I turned off the light, she said thank you and I realised she had just done her nails 💡 😆
Talk about sense of community. I didn’t think that existed any more, esp in Lahndan where you do not ever speak to, or make eye contact with, strangers…guess she didn’t know that. 😆

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