I found an even better flight to Cuba – Virgin Atlantic, £392, direct. I so want to fly with Virgin Atlantic. And it is a bargain.
Should I book??
I hate decisions. It’s so scary. If I do, something is bound to go wrong *touches wood*. If I don’t, the price will go up loads.
😕 😕 😕 😕
I may give it, say, a week. OK. Yes. Good plan. Next Saturday, me, Internet, it’s a date.
Which apparently girls travelling alone get asked on a LOT, in Cuba. Dates, I mean. 😆
I bought a Rough Guide…asked a guy in bookshop, he said the new edition is not coming out till Oct 👿 it will be 2 and a half years old! But hey. 2 guidebooks are better than one…it did have some good info, and it’s always nice to get 2 different views e.g. LP might reccommend different places to stay, eat etc.
Oh it’s so exciting 😀

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