Blog From Sat 24th March: Day 1

So, I’ll try & remember the details…
Flight from Stansted with EasyJet.
Got the “Stansted Express” train from Tottenham, NOT a nice station, icky pigeons pooing everywhere. Would avoid it late at night to be honest, well dodgy types hanging around. Train was on time, and takes 30 mins. Was OK but manky, seems no-one has cleaned it since 1973. So not worth £23. May get bus next time.
Stansted is fine, queue for check-in not bad. Checked in late – about 3.15 for 4.15 flight…was group D. EasyJet do this thing where you don’t choose your seat, you get a letter A – D depending on how early you check in and then board in that order. Only turned out I hardly had to wait longer than group A & B.
Flight was delayed by about half an hour, love EasyJet…and they didn’t bother telling us, we had to ascertain by psychic powers, oh and the fact that 4.15 came and went… 🙄
Also they tell you the flight is 1 hr 55, it is NOT, more like 2 hrs 15. Why do they lie?? 👿
Ljubljana airport is tiny. Security is fine, bored woman barely glanced at passport, baggage arrived quickly. Emerged to first sight of Slovenia…snow on the ground! In late March! Anyway. There is a coach into town, just head straight out and towards the coach…€5, about half an hour. Drops at bus station, easy 10 min walk or so into city centre (just down the main road, easy to see on map, and I have no map-reading skills). Well, easy unless your feet are killing 😥 but was NOT getting taxi for tiny walk 👿 . I wore FLATS, they are not supposed to hurt 👿 👿 👿
By the time had winced and limped into centre was late, 9.30 or so. Stayed in Hotel Emonec, site of which I put up on one of these blogs. Be warned it isn’t easy to spot the turning to the lil’ side street where it is, coming from bus station you have turned right down Wolfova Ulica, you can see Sushimama…it’s just before it. It was fine, nothing fancy but bargain for the price – €57 a night incl. breakfast – and fab location. If you just wanna crash between sightseeing and drinking, do it.
Went for late dinner at Cantina Mexicana, as it was 2 mins from hotel and my poor feet were not taking me any further. A red wine helped numb the pain, as did nachos and a HUGE fajita – all for €11. It’s cosy, busy and cute. I liked it. Service is slow though.
Knackered from the flight, I returned to the hotel and bed, an exciting first night in Ljubljana.

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