Blog From Sun 25th March: Day 2

Got up too late for breakfast…not realising the clocks had gone forward. Sigh. It was raining. Sigh. I breakfasted on coffee and cheese sandwich, which cost next to nothing, in a cafe across the bridge.
Spent an annoying day searching for camera batteries, ducking into McDonald’s for a Coke to avoid the rain. Nowhere was open – note to all travellers, do not expect everywhere to be like the UK with 24hr convenience stores! There is a 24hr shop near the bus station but it didn’t have the right size batteries. It did have plasters for my poor feet. I gave up on taking photos, luckily it was still grey and miserable.
Had restorative cappuccino and yummy cake for lunch (nutritious day, no?) in cafe right next to Sushimama. Staff spoke no English, but lovely lady suggested the Schwarzwalder torte…black forest gateau…mmmmmmm. Got by ordering, with a little Slovene (smug) and waiter’s few words of English.
Could not bring self to get tacky “tourist train” to castle (see later). Dashed into art gallery 15 mins before it shut (at 6 pm). It could be seen in that time. And I bought a pretty postcard.
Stopped for a necessary beer on the way back to hotel in the Cutty Sark pub. about as “English” as…ummm…well it wasn’t, but it was cosy and nice. Could not get over how cheap everything was.
Was going to try Pri Pavli restaurant for dinner, but it was shut. Found a nearby bar, bar food menu with pictures…I love those…girl spoke perfect English though. Food was good, not manky pub food like at home, and half the price. I sat happily planning the rest of the trip and drinking. So ends Day 2.

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