Blog From Mon 26th March: Day 3

So I managed to have breakfast. Consisted of toast with jam, honey or plastic cheese, cereal, and orange squash. Mmmm. Oh and NO COFFEE, only tea…no, I do not understand this…
Managed to find battery in 2 secs in shop called Muller, it’s a chain. Had cappuccino by river again, managed to sit outside as it was sunny 😀 except not when putting film in camera. Headed to Water Park Atlantis, which I have rambled on about enough in a previous post.
Wandered to Trta for dinner. It was nice to wander along the river, you just follow it down. It was a cosy Italian place with tiled floors and the obligatory red and white checked tablecloths. It has a salad bar and pizzas, and that is it. It was OK salad (consisted of about 6 types of lettuce, tomato, and potato salad, but this was fresh and v. nice). Pizza was slightly Germanic, sadly.
After my pampering day, I was knackered, so ended my day back in my room with a can of beer and some Milka chocolate from the 24hr store and the TV.

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