😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
I booked my flight to Cuba!
Got a bargain – £402 with Virgin Atlantic, and a direct flight too.
Makes all those hours doing tedious work worth it!
Drinking pina colada as we speak 😳 it was all the corner shop had and my feet were hurting so I couldn’t be arsed to walk any further, OK??!
😈 😳
but it is Cuban though. Makes me feel I am there already. Well, if I turned the heating up it might.
GOD did the Virgin reservations guy talk…I was like SHUT UP, this is costing me money to listen to you jabberring on…OK he had been to Cuba but that does NOT mean he needs to tell me every tiny little insignificant detail of his holiday, now does it? 👿
Am gonna get visa card (as in visa for travel to Cuba, not credit card) from embassy direct. Why not, it’s the easiest way, you come back with it in your hand, no risk of losing documents in the post, no waiting. And since the embassy helpfully don’t accept cheques or cards (yes, really 😯 ) you need to get a postal order…I didn’t think those still existed…it’s a lot less hassle. Admittedly I live in London, and in fact work and go to uni in Bloomsbury which is about 10 mins walk from embassy. Guy in STA travel said it’s not too painful at all (getting the card I mean).
There is an agency that does them for an extra £5 – if you live in, say, Glasgow it might be worth it… 😆

Info here:

Need to book accommodation, but can do that later.

So, now to celebrate with moe pina coladas! 😀

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