Yeah at home…unfortunately…

Hey companeros 😆 8)

So I have done it…booked all my Cuba hotels!!

Most cost £21-£24 per night, this is for a decent 2 – 3 star hotel.

Only exp one is in Playa Ancon, Trinidad – and that was only £40 a night, for an all-inclusive luxury hotel by the beach (I know, but I figure I will NEED this after a weeks’ budget travel in Cuba!).

So, the itinerary:

Accommodation: Hotel Lincoln
Day 1:
arrive Havana around 2pm local time. Try not to fall asleep and to see something before I fall asleep.
Day 2:
sightseeing in Havana
Day 3: sightseeing in Havana*
*may include muchos mojitos at the Hotel Nacional. Or not muchos, as they are fairly expensive I think, so maybe just one. It is a tourist must-do though. (Yes, I know I am not a tourist…)
Seriously, things to see in Havana include many museums, Capitolio, and bizarrely, a statue of John Lennon…
(I was going to type Lenin…aha…THAT’S why they have a statue of him!! Actually I think the song Imagine has something to do with it…Imagine no possessions…yep, pretty much Cuba…)

Accommodation: Hotel La Ermita
Day 4:
travel to Vinales, 3 hours from Havana by Viazul bus:
(check out the Spanglish!)
9 am bus, I think…ha…although, given UK time is 5 hours later, I may make it. This is a plan. Just stay on UK time. Although, that would mean going to bed at like 8 pm, so maybe not…
enjoy swim in pool with view of lush valleys, maybe do tourist bus tour thing if not too many fat-ass Germans 🙄 😆
Day 5: day trip to Maria la Gorda (there is a bus at…ick…7 am 🙄 ) but apparently it is THE most amazing beach. Plan to snorkel.
Day 6: move to Hotel Ranchos san Vicente, just across town, for easy access to caves and a relaxing spa 😀

San Diego de los Banos
Accomm: Hotel Mirador (I think – wasn’t able to book online, and they aren’t replying to my e-mail 🙄 , in my best Spanish 😕 😉 )
Day 7: spaaaaaa…oh yes….

Accomm: casa particulare (whoo whoo!)
Day 8:
Day of hell, as will get on bus to Havana at 8 am 🙄 and not arrive in Trin. till nearly 9 pm. And that’s IF the buses run on time.
Day 9: sightseeing in Trinidad, then in early evening grab a taxi for the short ride to the beach, in time for the sunset…
Playa Ancon
Accomm: Hotel Brisas del Mar
Day 9-10: beach (duh)
Day 11: Head back to Havana (evil 7.30 am bus)

Accomm: casa (getting adventurous)
Day 11: Do some last-minute shopping and seeing, then head to Canonazo ceremony in the evening.

Day 12: More last-minute stuff, before getting evening flight home.

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