Hey ho

Not so sunny England

Boring work. cannot make myself enter any more data.

Ugh. 4.45 on grey Wednesday afternoons should not exist.

After several bits of coursework hit me at once, I have FINALLY done the last one yesterday – presentation, eeeeek 😳 and so am looking forward to a well-deserved veg in front of the final of The Apprentice tonight.
Simon so won though, “Sir” Alan sung his praises on radio 5 live this morning.

Not even that is exciting, though. wish I was off abroad. Can’t wait to go to Cuba…gosh only…*counts* 2 and a half months to go!! 😀


Hmmm. This site is hilarious. Loving the Cenglish…Honey Moon…(sounds like the name of a bad porn movie to me. Um. Not that I watch them. 😳 I’m a girl! It’s so disgusting. If any of my past bfs (all, um, well…less than 5 of them shall we say) had used it to my knowledge I would’ve freaked. i know guys do that, but Ugh. How is it a turn on?? I will never understand men 🙄 )
Anyway. Slight sidetrack there.
They are wrong though – you can tell it’s a govt. sponsored site – foreigners CAN use normal pesos 😉 they just don’t like to tell you that!
Have booked all hotels, as I said in my last blog entry. Was debating not going to San Diego de los Banos as I want to spend more time in Trinidad, sigh…don’t know…it’s more that getting into Trinidad at 9 at night doesn’t appeal.
I read somewhere that there are “secret” Viazul buses, that is, they don’t tell you about them unless you insist… 😉 so will try that. Will be hanging around in Hav for 2 hours, not fun, so if there is one about…an hour and a half or so earlier, that would be SO perfect!
I still don’t get whether you need to book Viazul buses in advance. I DO know that you need to bring a sweater. The a/c is apparently freezing.
Oh yes, I bought a CD and book set in order to learn Spanish. Did it on the Tube one day on my way to work but everyone thought I was mad as I mouthed the phrases to myself! 😳 🙄
I do now know basics such as ordering food and drinks, directions, booking a room, saying my name, etc. (kind of).
My Cuba guidebook total is now 4 😳 cannot possibly take them all, unless I want to do my back in forever….and 3 travel tales / books.
Have not yet got visa card, had better do that as soon as. If I ever have time. Working 20 hrs a week, coursework and also got second job marking exams… 😯 I know!
Had better go and at least do some work!

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