American IGNORANT t-words, AGAIN!

If you want to read the stupidest, most ignorant, lying, narrow-minded TWATS in the WORLD…
go to the Thorn Tree Cuba forum.

There are 2 types of people here:

1. Miami ex-Cubans who spread lies and rumours in order to scare tourists from going to Cuba. I mean it. They just left as they were greedy and wanted to keep their money…what sort of lazy idiot leaves their country and precedes to trash it from abroad?
(I have nothing against economic migrants or bettering yourself, btw. F*cking off when your country needs you and rubbishing it is another thing entirely).

2. Redneck Americans who join in the trashing.
Cuba has no human rights…
yeah yeah, whatever.
Have you heard of China, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or Burma??
(probably not, given that we are dealing with Americans and we know how much they know about the world).


There are MANY countries in the world that have as bad, or WORSE, human rights records.
How many of these is the US boycotting?

They are just pissed off because they lost the war with Vietnam.

And cannot kill Castro.

Oh and…human rights. Pot. kettle. black.


Capital punishment?

McCarthyist witch hunt ruined people’s lives (read about it). Killed some people who committed suicide.

And yet these d&cks make up vicious lies about Cuba.

Oh dear. I should really stop reading that website. Or gettting worked up, anyway.

On another note, am reading Cuba Diaries by Isadora Tattlin.
She seems to want to see the bad in Cuba, too. Not on the same scale. I know we all travel to places with our preconceptions…on that theme, I was reading a blog by a Jewish guy in Germany…he seemed to see anti-Semitism, and other bad things in German society.
The thing is that neither person is WRONG, and yet, someone else with different preconceptions will have an entirely different trip.
We see only what we expect to see.
I really believe that.

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