OK…this time next week I will be in Havana…!!

And only 2 days until I can see weather forecast for when I arrive 🙂 is sunny for next 5 days 😀 so here’s hoping.

I arrive at 2 pm ish I think…Cuba is 5 hrs behind (as far as I can tell, the guidebooks vary…think Fidel messed around with time a bit 😆 )

So this time next week I will prob be asleep, as it will be past 1 am and I will have been up since disgustingly early 🙄 but will only be, oh, just after 8pm there! I may have to stay awake even if yawning into my mojito just to get myself onto local time.
On the upside, I will wake up early…good for sightseeing…if you sleep even a bit late in hot climates the heat makes you not want to get up, somehow.

So exciting! Can’t wait 😀

Sooo much to do and still at work tomorrow and Tues at least.

Ooooh I might go get my visa tomorrow morning 😀 excitement!

Had better go to bed then, so I may get up in time to go before work 😆

Oh and, while I remember: when I mentioned I was going to Cuba, an American course mate of mine responded: Don’t you need a special visa for that? 🙄

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