Planning Next Summer’s Holiday/ General Thoughts

Yes, I know it’s 6/7 months away…but it is 3.45 pm on a wet, grey Wednesday in November.

Which should just be banned.

I also can’t be bothered to do any work, so…I am thinking. Next summer. Inspired by Michael Palin, I will be travelling around Eastern Europe by rail.
Now I will only have 2 weeks off, so even if I go Friday evening and return Sunday, that’s only 16 days. Plus I want to return and go back by train, which will mean a lot of time on trains (good thing I like sitting around eating, reading, and listening to my MP3… 😛 ) (I don’t like it when train is packed full of loud, rude Italians though…memories of Europe trip summer 2005…)

So am thinking France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria.
Then back via:
Romania, Hungary, Austria, (possible detour to Prague time permitting), Switzerland, back to France.

In 2 weeks.

Maybe work will let me have more time.

Maybe it can be done…will be checking seat

However, I am having increasing thoughts about going travelling again. I wonder if work would let me have a sabbatical?

But then, part of me thinks sabbaticals are cheating and Real Travellers just quit their job and go. Having a job to return to sounds great from the point of view of well, not being impoverished when you get back. But then, it’s like a safety net. Safer, but not quite the real thing. What if you decided not to come back? Got offered a job abroad?

And should I be travelling anyway? I’m 27…I have to grow up sometime…I don’t have a career and don’t know what I want it to be…sigh. I do have a reasonably well-paid job that I can stand. I also have it in my head that travelling should be done by 30. This gives me 3 years (slightly less, actually) to pay off my mountain of debt, save for travelling, and actually travel.
Oh f&*(. 😯 👿 😕 🙁 😮 😡

Actually, remind me not to go to Bulgaria 😯,,2218395,00.html

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