Does anyone else ever feel like planning travel is more fun than actually travelling?! 😳

Am perusing Rough Guide Thailand.

Go Nov 18th – over 6 months away 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

But this does mean I will escape cold miserable London November 😀 and thoroughly annoy family, friends and work colleagues by lying on beaches when they are stuck at home 😉 😈

Plan is (very vaguely):

Hong Kong – 2 nights

Bangkok – 4 nights.

Staying at Atlanta. Because I love their endearing old-fashionedness, and no-apology, no-tolerance attitudes to sex tourism – too f’in right. If there’s one thing that ruins the beautiful, fascinating country that is Thailand for many travellers, it’s the sleaze.

I have been once before, so have done the obvious sights (including being made to wear hired clothes at Palace, possibly the sweatiest nylon in the world, ever). Plans this time include

*shopping – MBK centre where I have found memories of getting skirt for like £2 and top for £1, both of which I still have 4 years later, and Khao San Road because while it is fairly tedious just-off-the-plane-19-year-old-gapyears central, you can buy great shoes. I also still have flip-flops from there which were like £1.

*The terrible macabre museum

*The aquarium[/url] (preparation for encountering actual sea life when snorkelling on Ko Chang).


*Eating lovely Thai food

and then on to

Ko Chang[/url] – 5 nights – for much elephant riding, snorkelling, oh and lying on beaches 😀

Staying at the Blue Lagoon

Oh well. Since I cannot afford a social life, I guess sitting at home trying not to watch America’s Got Talent and armchair travelling passes the time. Oh the joys of saving for travel.

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