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United States of America

I don't actually have a favourite country, but would love to one day travel to America. I have so many places that i would love to travel to, such as Australia, Bali, Vietnam etc..

I plan to travel in 2018 once I have graduated from University. I want to travel around the world but am also looking at working in Australia or New Zealand. I have no plans as of yet and am up for travelling anywhere, i just want to experience the world. I would love to go travelling with someone to experience everything together. I am looking to go next August/September for 6 months to a year!

So i am 20 years old from Essex and about to enter my third year of University. Once i graduate i want to take some time out, possibly 6 months to a year before i find a full time job and move out properly. I am very outgoing and quite confident, i love experiencing new things and seeing new sites.

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