Travelling round NZ


I’m planning on travelling to NZ for about a month after travelling to Australia in Feb 2014. 

I have family in Australia and therefore i’m planning on treating it as more of a holiday and relax a little seeing some of the sights on my own. 

However, when i’m in NZ i want to do so much more and travel the whole island, go bungee jumping, sky diving, whale watching etc and see the WHOLE island while i’m there.

I’ve been recomended by a friend to go with a bus/tour company as this will suit my needs, however i’m unsure of which one to go with.

I’ve had a look at ‘Kiwi Experience’, and as I’m 18, it looks good for my age. However i’m not a huge drinker, and dont want to be partying for the whole month haha. 

There’s also Stray and a few others..,

Has anyone been with a  bus company, or know anything about them..

All advice is welcome 🙂

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