This is me!

Okay so I’m Charlotte, 18(soon to be 19-only a week or so to go!) and I’m on a gap year, well sort of!
I had no idea this was what I’d be doing three months ago. I thought I’d be ending my first semester at uni, but that all changed August 19th of this year -exam results!
To cut a long story short I didn’t get into my first choice uni, despite being only one grade off. I could get into my second choice uni but I knew very quickly that I couldn’t commit three years of my life to a place that I didn’t want to be. So I watched my friends go off to uni and went back to school. I have never been so scared in my life, but it has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. Not only to I get the oppurtunity to get a better grade in my French A level and go to a uni I really want to go to, but I get to travel: something I’ve always wanted to do and wouldn’t have had my gardes been okay.

So now right up to: after three months of considering and reconsidering my options, having thought of all the options trekking, travelling europe, north and south america, asia, group travel and independent, I have reached my decision.
Right from the start I knew I wanted to go to Thailand, there isn’t any particular reason why, just a gut feeling about it. Quite early on I found the right placement for me: teaching English north of Bangkok with i to i, but when I went to book it I found out that the dates that I had seen online were wrong, which was very frustrating, as I wanted to leave for my travels in March time, and the soonest placement was may.
My decision was made only yesterday as to what to do, and it was made having just waved one of my friends off ass she flew out to New Zealand to live. What better excuse to see the southern hemisphere. I’ve got a friend living in Oz, so I’m going to visit him, and the going to spend a month in NZ and visit my other friend. Then (once its booked) I’ll be going to Thailand for two months to teach.
Thats where I’ll leave it for now… to get it booked. Southern hemisphere here I come!

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