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Its booked

Updated 13 years, 1 Month ago

Today I did it-I finally booked my placement in Thailand. I'm leaving on 18th March and my placement finishes May 15th. It is such relief. I've decided to go to thailand first and then oz and new zealand after to a) avoid the rainy season in Thailand and b) take advantage of the ski season on the south island in New Zealand.

After months of uncertainty there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I haven't been this excited in ages.
For anyone who wants to go on a placement with i-to-i I would recommend them from what I have had to do with them so far. Have been in contact with the Thailand desk coordinator:Rebecca who has been very helpful. They get my vote-lets hope its just as plain sailing from here.
Got to book the flights and get my head round visas though-should be fun!

Anyone going on teaching placement with i-to-i at the same time?

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