Work, sleep, work, sleep: monotany and the art of saving!!!

When I took on this gap year I knew I would have to work to earn money, that goes without saying, but what hadn’t thought about was ‘saving’. Truth being that when I have any money it burns a whole in my pocket and usually I have to spend spend spend.
Okay so I’m working as many hours as I can, and usually after a long day at work a trip down the pub for a few large glasses of wine (and then large amounts of JD) is in order. No chance when you are trying to save. I should be so bloody lucky!
I am so far impressed with my restraint, but god help me if I pass a shoe shop! Why do all the shops have to bring out their spring and summer ranges straight after Christmas! I know I’m not going to need pink leather strappy heels in Ecuador but what I would do………..back to reality, I have to buy mosquito nets and really attractive waterproofs!

Its not just the saving-its the work! If this brief stint working full time in retail serves any purpose it is to demonstrate a)how much I never want to work in retail again and b) that I want to find a career that I enjoy and am passionate about (you can’t be passionate about cushions and toilet brushes!)
And then there are the rude, arrogant, obnoxious customers-the ones who treat you like shit and still expect you to help them lift a box of porcelain off the top shelf, or want to know the price of something (despite the fact that it is priced on the bottom and they can’t be arsed to turn it over and look!!!!!!!)
Other than that everything is peachy! No seriously, I am enjoying myself-just can’t wait to get away!
Have gradually been organising myself-sorting out bank accounts and insurance. Was shocked when I renewed my passport-cost me the best part of £60!
Everything is looking good as far as the placement is concerned, I’ve got in touch with a few people who are already out there or who will be out there when I’m there! Only 4 weeks to go!!!! Roll on March!

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