1 week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here I am only I week before I had out on my own into the big wide world! Starting to feel a little bit apprehensive about the whole thing!
I’ve got in contact with other people who are going and who are already out in Quito, which has made me feel much more at ease-nice to know that there will be people of my own age experiencing the same thing! I know who I’m staying with and was delighted to know that I am staying with a girl I have been speaking to who is already out there, and she loves it!

The thing is that I know I am going to miss home, and that at some point I am going to wonder ‘why the hell did I do this’, but overall I think I know that the positives that come out of this trip will far outweigh the negatives!

I can’t wait to just get out there and see what its like. I’ve decided to take an intensive spanish course for the first week-as lets face it, I can’t really speak much spanish! This will give me the oppurtunity to spend loads of time egtting to know my fellow volunteers, who as far as I can tell are about as clueless when it comes to speaking spanish as I am (I have visions if GCSE spanish books and notes being dug out from under the bed!)

I have finally bought everything that I need, and am waiting for the right moment to see if it fits into my backpack. This is a whole new experience for me, who usually takes a family size case away with atleast 6 pairs of shoes (you think I’m joking!) 3 bags, and enough underwear to kit out M&S. So taking with me two pairs of shoes (neither of which have a heel!) and enough underwear to get me by is very strange!

The girls at work wanted to buy me a leving present and I think they were all looking forward to buying me a nice handbag to add to my collection. That was until they asked me what I wanted and I said a mosquito net-I am so glam!

I am really setting myself up here-the truth is that yes I can be a real girl-I love my creature comforts, and yes I can be a tad blonde at times. But the truth is that I cope well without all those things! Honestly! It’s like when you go on holiday, and particularly a girls holiday and you let someone else choose the accomodation, which turns out to be basic to say the least. At first its a shock and you think ‘oh great, 2 weeks in this dump’. Well once you’ve got your clothes thrown everywhere, your toiletries lined up and the t.v on (even though the only english channel is BBC World) you feel at home. I know this is a strange analogy for what I know is going to be a more stretching experience but the best I can think of at the mo!

I am dreading recieving my A level retake results which come out 3 days after a get out there! Its bad enough being in the country to get them let alone the other side of the world. I could potentially have to decide whether or not I resit them again in June whilst I’m out in Ecuador and that is not a prospect which I relish the thought of! I’m just going to have to take every day as it comes.
I’ve been saying goodbye to friends over the last week, which hasn’t been as emotional as I thought, but I figured that I did most of the crying before they all went to uni-and now its my turn to go away and have the time of my life! Not feeling smug about it at all! I know I’m going to miss them loads but with technology today and especially the wonder that is msn, they are no distance at all!

Well here I go…………..1 week and I’ll be in the air!!!!!!!!!!!

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